Infinity Resorts, a luxury nature resort occupying the 22 acres, is situated on the fringe of the world renowned the Corbett National Park – India’s first and finest tiger reserve. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the mountain ranges, the snow peaks, the lush green forests and the Kosi River – all add up to the natural beauty that will absolutely take your breath away. The guests can relax in a world of calm and serenity while those who feel that the tracking wildlife is on the top of their “must do” list – there is no greater excitement than going on an elephant or a jeep safari. An animal such as a spotted deer, a sambhar, rhesus macaque, the languorous, an elephant, and a wild boar are commonly seen, though the tigers can be spotted with much patience and a good luck.

The architectural design of the guest’s blocks is built to resemble the English country village and the guest rooms have walls made of the “cut and dressed” river stones, chimneys, a high bamboo ceiling and the wooden trellises. The interior is spacious, a dimly lit and decorated with a Buddha and paintings of the wildlife and birds, which contributes to a wonderful sense of serenity and the calm. Situated in the midst of a mango orchard, the entire feeling is that of a truly an upmarket wildlife resort. One can also experience there the thrill and an anticipation of tracking a tiger in an open-top jeep.

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