The Solluna Resort in the Jim Corbett is located in a magnificent and a sumptuous valley of the macula, which is 35 km away from the Ramnagar railway station. The word "Solluna" depicts the captivating beauty of the sun (Seoul) and the moon (Luna) being observed at the same time in the dusk. The striking blend of nature's ecstasy and a great luxury is what makes the Solluna resort among the best resorts in the Jim Corbett. The sight of the resort gives an impression of the world, starting from the one end of the valley and finishing at the other end.

The Solluna Resort imparts a serene haven and the luxurious territory where one can adore a magnificent view of the wee hours of the dawn, the sun soaking beyond the horizon in the dusk and the clear sky full of stars as the night approaches. The Solluna Resort can prove to be the eventual choice for those looking out for a pure adventure and the fun along with the premium quality of an accommodation and an exclusive amenity. Counted among the most luxurious resort in the Corbett, the Solluna Resort offers the highest level of a luxury and the privileged solitude to the guests whiles their visit to the Jim Corbett National Park. Situated on the bank of River Ramganga and surrounded by a thick reserve forest gives birth to a micro climate of its own. The resort assures to deliver a rejuvenating experience to create memories that last forever.